101: Fan Rewards

Fan Rewards is an exclusive US app feature that allows the most loyal fans to redeem once in a lifetime experiences, VIP tickets, memorabilia & more using SSU Loyalty Tokens & Fan Tokens.

If a fan meets the Fan Token and/or SSU (Socios United) Loyalty Token threshold within the Fan Rewards section of the App, they are guaranteed to obtain the prize they are redeeming. When participating in quizzes & games, Fans enter a draw to win the prize.

When acquiring their prize, fans ONLY use their SSU Loyalty Tokens to complete the deal — any Fan Tokens used during the process remain yours.

SSU Loyalty Tokens are another way for to reward a fan’s commitment to Socios .com and their team. While they are free to collect, their worth is invaluable! Fans can earn SSU Loyalty Tokens by leveling-up their profile on the US app.

How it works

  • Make sure to have the latest version of the US app installed
  • Tap your profile picture located on the top left of your screen & then tap Fan Rewards from the list.
  • Use the logo carousel to filter your favorite teams and view available fan rewards
  • Tap to open a reward, which reveals the amount of SSU required, along with detailed reward information
  • Hit ‘Redeem’ to secure your Fan Reward. 

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Fan Tokens are available to all U.S. users, excluding the state of New York.

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