User Guidelines

About these Guidelines

We want our app features to be a fun and a safe experience for all users. Following these guidelines will help ensure you and other users have a great experience. Note that violations can result in the permanent/temporary suspension of your account and/or the confiscation of any tokens held therein.


In short, treat others as you would like to be treated. Remember that certain interactions that seem harmless or fun to you may be perceived differently by other users. 


If you encounter other users who are violating these guidelines, please remove yourself from the situation and don’t engage. Report the situation to us through the in-app support options or through our web-based help centers. 


Below are some rules to follow when making use of our app: 

1 – Treat others with respect

It’s in everyone’s best interest to keep things courteous and fun for all. Always respect other users. 

2 – Chat Rooms

The Chat Rooms are a place for fan token holders to get together and share conversations about Socios, sports and entertainment news and Socios’ partners. The following inappropriate activities in any Socios Chat Room are strictly prohibited: 

Users shall not make use of the Chat Rooms to communicate account details or complaints. Socios staff and employees will never ask you for your account details or passwords on any Chat Rooms. Any personal or private data shared in a Socios Chat Room should stay in such chat room.


Socios reserves the right to take remedial action if you act in breach of the above rules and guidelines including the permanent/temporary suspension of your account, disabling the your ability to send messages (i.e. muting) for a specified period of time on the Chat Room and/or the confiscation of your tokens. 

3 – Token Hunt feature

Stay aware of your surroundings. 


The Token Hunt feature is designed to be used outdoors. As with any outdoor activity we encourage everyone to exercise caution. Here are some additional considerations:

No cheating. Don’t do it. Our features are meant to be used on mobile devices. Don’t deny yourself or someone else of an authentic experience by cheating. 


Unfortunately, methods of cheating are limited only by cheaters’ imaginations, and include the following: 

4 – How we enforce our Terms and Conditions and these Guidelines.

If you become aware of any user acting in breach of these guidelines, please report to We will review reported or flagged user accounts and will determine whether or not they violate the Terms and Conditions and/or these Guidelines. Accounts are penalized for violations of the Terms and Conditions and/or these Guidelines. We may issue a warning, suspend your account, confiscate any tokens or permanently terminate your account, without warning and at our sole discretion.