US App & Your Existing Account

The USA App is live! Read below to see what’s new with the app and your account.

Updates to your Account

Account Information that Won’t Change

  • Username
  • Fan Token amounts
  • SSU balance
  • Profile details
  • KYC level
  • Digital Collectible holdings

Account Information that Will Change

  • Your old Wallet address is no longer active. Please DO NOT send any tokens to your old Wallet address, as any Fan Tokens or $CHZ sent there will be lost.
  • Your Experience Points (XP) levels, leaderboard positions, milestones and trophies will reset as part of the migration process.
  • Your transaction history from the international app will not be available on the USA App after the migration.
  • Your biometric login information (Touch ID and Face Recognition) will need to be reconfigured on the USA App.

US App Features

USD Top-ups & Withdrawals

All top-ups and withdrawals will be in USD.

USD to Purchase or Sell Fan Tokens

All Fan Token transactions on the US App will be denominated in US Dollars (USD).

Value of Fan Tokens will be displayed in USD

Fan Token Transfers and Sales

Unlike the international app, users will not be able to transfer Fan Tokens in or out of the US App. If you no longer wish to hold any Fan Tokens you will have to sell them for USD.

Fan Token Locking Period

All Fan Tokens purchased on the US app marketplace will be locked for seven (7) days before you can trade them. You will still be able to use your Fan Tokens to participate in any features on the app during this lock-up period.

Fan Token Holding Limit

You can hold up to a maximum of 100 Fan Tokens for each team. If you currently have more than 100 Fan Tokens, you can keep all of them, but you will not be able to buy additional tokens for that team.

Daily Limits

The following daily and monthly limits will apply to all users residing in the US:

  • Daily top-up limit: $250 (Once top-ups are available)
  • Monthly top-up limit: $2,000 (Once top-ups are available)
  • Daily withdrawal limit: $250 (Once withdrawals are available)
  • Daily purchase limit: $250
  • Daily Selling limit: $250

Token Hunt

SSU Loyalty Tokens and Fan Tokens will be available in our token hunt feature.

Team Leaderboard Ranking, XP Points and Badges

Your ranking on all team leaderboards, your XP points, and any milestones and trophies that you have unlocked will reset. All trophies related to $CHZ will not be available.

Web App

Logging in to your account through the Web app will be temporarily unavailable. Web app logins will be open again in the future.

Please note that certain features, including top-ups and purchase of Fan Tokens, will not be available to our users based in New York.

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