101: SSU & XP

With US app, fans are empowered to learn, earn and redeem rewards. These rewards can include anything from tickets to team merchandise to VIP experiences  like player meet-and-greets, field access, behind-the-scenes tours, autograph sessions and other unique prizes.

More Engagement =  Better Chances To Win! 

By utilizing the app, fans earn rewards — including SSU (Socios United) and XP (Experience Points) — by simply participating or engaging with any of the games or content related to their favorite teams. Once the necessary amount of SSU & XP have been accumulated, fans are then able to redeem their rewards from the Rewards section of the app which allows qualified fans to browse for available tickets, merchandise or experiences.

The more you engage with your favorite teams on the app, the more achievements you will collect. Each achievements you collect earns you XP — the more XP you earn, the higher you level-up your profile. Each time you level-up, we reward you with SSU Loyalty Tokens. 

You can then exchange your SSU for prizes, team merchandise and once in a lifetime game or match-day experiences and much more from our soon-to-launch Fan Shop.

SSU Loyalty Tokens are the official Loyalty tokens for the US app, awarded to a fan every time they level up by gaining XP points. SSU must be earned, not bought and a fan receives their first SSU Loyalty Token on sign up.

Fans earn SSU by leveling up their profiles when predicting match scores, voting on team polls and engaging with the App. SSU Fan Tokens cannot be bought or sold and are not available for trading purposes.

We’ll reward fans with additional XP & SSU for acquiring international partner Fan Tokens (when available), and voting in polls using them to participate in any of our partner clubs competitions. 

Holding more SSU will increase a fan’s access to amazing rewards and boost their voting power in Socios United polls, allowing our most loyal users to have the loudest voice in matters.

How It Works

  • Engage with the App and unlock achievements. Tap Rewards from the bottom menu.
  • For every achievement unlocked, you earn XP (experience points) 
  • The more XP points you get, the higher you level-up your profile 
  • Every time you level-up your profile, you’re awarded in SSU Fan Tokens. To see what your profile level is, your unlocked achievements and how many XP points needed to reach the next level just tap the ‘Profile’ Icon in the top left corner and Tap your ‘Profile name’.

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Fan Tokens are available to all U.S. users, excluding the state of New York.

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